I seriously cannot believe that tomorrow my twins will be two years old. I can still remember coming home from the hospital with them. Avery was 6lbs 8oz and Ana Kate was 5lbs9oz. They were the best babies. Sleeping through the night (most of the time) and very content during the day. Usually just fussy when they were tired.

I remember this past year when I would come home from work, they would be so excited to see me. They would whine when I came in the door until I would pick them up.

These past few weeks have been difficult for me to be honest. Just them growing up makes me so sad because they are going to be the only kids we have. Now when I come home from work, they don’t act like they want to see me… they barely look up when the door opens and keep going about their business 😦

Why do they have to grow up??

Someone check on me tomorrow. I may not be okay.

Lash Boost

Who is wanting some lashes that are ACTUALLY yours?? Say goodbye to fake lashes and lash extensions. Invest in something REAL.

If you have been wanting fuller, darker, longer looking lashes, then you have to try this stuff. It has worked wonders for me!

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Realization and Motivation

Lets go back to New Years Eve.

I was at home getting ready to go out and celebrate New Years with my husband and best friends. I was super excited. I could not wait to get all dressed up because I NEVER get to. I had the perfect outfit in my head that I was going to wear. I went to my closet, pulled it out. Tried it on….. and guess what? IT DID NOT FIT! I was shook. It mortified me. How was this even possible? I went to the scale and guess what? I had gained 13lbs in 2 months!

That was the moment I REALIZED this was not okay, I was not okay. This was the biggest I have ever been in my life (not counting when I was 3rd trimester with the twins.) That was the moment I knew I had to make a life style change because I was not happy the way this was going.

Since Jan. 1st, I have changed my eating habits. I never realized how terrible I was eating. I would eat just about anything for lunch and dinner. No matter how bad it was for me, or how many carbs or calories. I was mostly just concerned about how convenient it was. I was like, “It has been a long day at work. Im just going to stop by McDonalds” I told myself this wasn’t just a diet…. this had to be a lifestyle change.

For the month of January, I have lost 8lbs so far. I would love to hit the 10lb mark before the month is over. I have started watching what I eat. I try to stay under 1400 calories per day and I stay away from fried foods, breads, potatoes, pasta, etc. Also, I am doing the intermittent fasting. I will eat dinner at around 6 every night and will not eat breakfast. I just wait for my lunch break at 11:30. And really, it is not bad at all. I just chug water and drink my black coffee.

Also, I have started doing the Insanity workouts. Let me tell you… SHAWN T KICKS MY ASS EVERY DAY. It is so hard but I am motivated to be in better health and shape. I deserve to be happy in the body I am in.

Don’t get me wrong, every now and then I will have a cheat meal. When my favorite football team is on, I will have a slice of pizza and a beer. But I am MOTIVATED to get back to the way I used to be. I can do it. And I will do it.

Stay tuned.

Regimens + Masks

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Taco TWOsday

Here we are yet again. Planning for the twins second birthday party. This is probably the last year that we will get to decide the theme. So what did we decide to pick? TACO TWOSday.

NO ONE loves tacos more than me and my husband. We could eat it daily if we could. We will serve tacos, the sides, and margaritas for the adults πŸ™‚

martini glass on table
Photo by Sabel Blanco on

Got to have a little drinkey drink to get me through 2 hours of 20 two year olds running around like wild animals.

That being said: Does anyone have any ideas of more stuff we can incorporate into the party? I’m thinking of getting some pinatas and maybe getting some sombreros for all the kids to wear.

Leave me some comments of yall’s awesome ideas.



My Skin Care Regimen

I normally do not do this because I am so self conscious about my appearance but I just wanted to share my amazing skin care regimen.

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Fast forward to the right… My skin had completely changed. I don’t wearing make up every day. My skin had brightened up. My blemished had decreased and I rarely have a breakouts. It was an amazing feeling to be happy in the skin I was in.

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Small Business Saturday

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Today is small business Saturday and as a small business owner, supporting small businesses is important to me. So I wanted to share my small business today since Rodan and Fields are having a special!

Today through Tuesday, they are waiving the one time preferred customer fee! So that means you can sign up to be a preferred customer, get 10% off products, and free shipping over $80! It’s a great deal and the products are amazing!

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πŸ’—πŸ’—Twin Mama


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

As I sit here watching Moana for the second time this morning, I can’t help but be reminded about how blessed I am. For my children, my family, my friends, my job. I am so thankful for it all. We don’t have hardly any plans today. Just going to hang around the house with my family. That’s all I need.

I don’t have to have any turkey, dressing, or desserts to make Thanksgiving something too look forward. Spending time with my family is my number one priority.

I pray everyone has a safe day today. Cherish the ones you love and be thankful for them.

And don’t eat too much πŸ€ͺ

πŸ’—πŸ’— Twin Mama

Terrible Twos Already

We are there.

THE TERRIBLE TWOS. And they aren’t even two yet.

They are into everything! And that is an understatement. Cabinets, drawers, MY CHRISTMAS TREE (which is a big no no, I love that thing)

Jumping (and falling) off the couch. I seriously though AK had broke her arm the other night. Thank the good Lord she didn’t.

Even though it drives me NuTs sometimes, I wouldn’t change their curiosity for the world…. but wouldn’t mind some advice on how to make it during the next year! They are some wild animals.

#parenting #twins #family #love #wild #sisters

πŸ’—πŸ’— Twin Mama.